Security PET film

With the social development, people are attaching more and more importance to health. Food safety is a main element influencing the people’s health which has always been taken as a big thing by foreign food manufacturers and supervision dept. Food packaging ,particularly, the packing material directly contacting the food, is directly related to the food health , futher to the physical health of human. hence there’s very strict requirement in food packing material in foreign countries in terms of the technical properties and health safety .in recent years, China have also reinforced the health safety requirment on process of food production . against this background, it’s so important to use the food packaging material with food health safety. as the main packing material , BOPET film has the following merits:

  • Good mechanical properties, 3-5 tims impact strength other films, endurable in folding .
  • Good endurance with oil,fat,olefine acid and most of the solvents.
  • Good endurance with extreme temperature. usable in long term in 120℃,in short terms, workable in 150℃ ,down to -70℃,very little effect on the mechanical properties.
  • Low gas and vapor permeability, good barrier properties on water,oil and smell improving the shelf life .
  • High clear film, UV absorption ,high glossy film.
  • no poison , no smell ,good heath safety property, used in food packaging directly.

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