High performance barrier film

Today, high performance barrier films or high barrier packaging are widely used in the food industry. Other areas where high-barrier packaging is commonly used include medical devices, pharmaceuticals and increasingly booming pet foods. An important reason for the rapid development of high barrier flexible packaging systems is that this packaging prevents the spread of bacteria. Many of these new types of flexible packaging are also in development, some with some metal foil or spray the formation of high barrier metal layer, and some are also fitted with zippers or similar structure.

reflective aluminum foil insulation material

Single sided aluminum radiant barrier foil is based on the lamination structure of alu foil, PE and woven fabric.

Single sided aluminum radiant barrier foil is the combination of 4 layers, the top layer is PE coating, the middle layers are aluminum foil (honed side), and PE, and the bottom layer is woven fabric. Melted PE is mechanically extruded down and coated evenly into the middle of aluminum foil and woven fabric. These 4 layers are pressed tightly and made into a well composited material.


Fire retardant double-side reflective aluminum foil insulation

Fire retardant double-side reflective aluminum foil insulation of details: 

This upgrade product consists of a double layer of polyethylene bubbles that are sandwiched between two layers of pure aluminum foil. This wonderful product is Ecofriendly,fireproof and contains no harmful substances. Compare with the traditional insulation materials, it is fiber free, no airborne particles, non itchy and non cancerous. It is easy to install for homeowners and professional installers.


1. Fibre-free, clean & safe, non irritant insulation

2. Insulation that acts as a water barrier

3. Highly durable, hail resistant with anti-tear surface

4. Quick & easy to install

5. Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial

6. Resists rodent & insect nesting

7. Excellent Ignitability Rating

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Single Bubble Insulation

Single bubble insulation is a cost-effective way to control the heat flow in a building. The key benefits of single bubble insulation include:

  • 1/8″ – 3/16″ nominal thickness
  • 99.9% Pure Aluminum
  • Highly Reflective Foil Facing
  • Optional UV Resistant Polyethylene Facing On One Side With Foil On Opposite Side
  • Very Low Rate Of Emissivity
  • Durable Polyethylene Bubbles In The Center
  • 100% Vapor Barrier
  • Class A/Class 1 Fire Rating
  • Barrier for methane, radon, moisture, termites and other pests
  • Excellent Thermal Break

Building material ,Aluminum bubble foil insulation

Building material Aluminum bubble foil insulation, no odor and toxicity heat resistant material for buildings


Fire proof

Non-toxic / Non-carcinogenic

Reflects about 97% of radiant heat

Durable and lightweight

Reduce heating and cooling costs all year round

Easy to cut and install, without the protective clothing or respirators during installment.

Does not support the growth of fungus or mold.

Vapor and radon retarder

Not affected by moisture or humidity

white bubble foil insulation

single white bubble foil insulation

  • Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials
  • Model Number: High Performance Heat Proof Aluminum Foil Bubble Insulation
  • reflectivity: 96-97%
  • Material: Roofing Heat Proof Bubble Foil Insulation
  • thermal conductivity: 0.032W/mk
  • emissivity: 0.03-0.04 COEF
  • apparent density: 54.8-85kg/m^3
  • working temperature: -50C to 80C
  • bubble height: 2.5mm-10mm
  • bubble diameter: 10-25mm
  • Applications: Metal & Steel frame or house
  • Vapour transmission: 0.012G/MPA

Roof Insulation Materials Adhesive Backed Heat Shield Waterproof

Our reflective insulation provides cost effective, high efficiency performance for a wide range of

applications. Thermal insulation material is versatile in use for residential, commercial and agriculture such

as covers the roofs, ceilings, crawl spaces, wall and attics and even utilize for packaging purposes.

This kind of foam foil insulation with adhesive back, can easily installed.



  • Cost-effective;
  • Excellent fire properties
  • Reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat
  • Cuts and installs easier than fiber glass;
  • Keep warm in winter, hold cool in summer.
  • No odor and toxicity, environmentally- friendly,energy-saving ;
  • re-usable and remains in sustainable shape
  • Compliance with the latest insulation standards