What is Sterilization Pouches?

Sterilization pouch is made of medical grade paper and medical grade film. It could be preformed pouch with three sides sealed for instruments to be put in and also could be in roll form, too. The Pouches are with great bacterial resistant and air permeability which allows contents insde keep non bacterial and safe keep afterSteam, EO, Plasma, Gamma Ray sterilization,etc.the pouches are widely used for Hospital CSSD, Dental, Labs, Tatoo,etc.

Pallet cover , heat reflective foil bubble insulation

• Fire proof
• Non-toxic / Non-carcinogenic
• Reflects about 97% of radiant heat
• Durable and lightweight
• Reduce heating and cooling costs all year round
• Easy to cut and install, without the protective clothing or respirators during installment.
• Does not support the growth of fungus or mold.
• Vapor and radon retarder
• Not affected by moisture or humidity.

Pallet Cover Insulation Materials with Bubble Foil

Pallet Cover Insulation Materials with Bubble Foil

1. Light weight, clean, thin and good flexibility.
2. High R-Value performance, reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat flow.
3. Increase productivity, save energy, heat reduction, and environmental save.
4. Safe to handle, quick and easy installation, competitively priced.
5. Delivers easy, cost effective for roofs, ceilings. walls and floors.

Usage and Applications
1.HVAC Ducting
2.Building Wrapping
3.Clay tile roofing
4.Metal Roofing
5.Boiler/Furnace/Steam/Sauna Room Insulation
6.Cold Room Insulation
7.Hot/Chilled water or steam pipe
8.Thermal Tank

bubble foil woven insulation/bubble insulation foils

Product Details

The product consists of two layers of aluminum foil with plastic bubble laminated between the aluminum foil,provides excellent insulation: Reflects up to 97% of radiant energy in addition to resisting other types of heat transfer from conduction, convection and radiation. The two side aluminum foil forms an effective barrier against moisture, air currents and vapors.

Installation Methods

1.Purchase approximately 10% more for overlapping and to provide the proper air gap between the purlins
2.Cover the metal roof purlins with double-sided adhesive tape. Unroll the foil wrap insulation and attach it to the first purlin.
3.Secure the bubble foil to the framing members with furring strips. Use a drill equipped with a screwdriver bit to drive the screws into the framing members.
4.Cover the seams of the bubble insulation with foil tape.

Aluminum Foil Laminated PP Non Woven Fabric

Aluminum Foil Laminated PP Non Woven Fabric

Apply Nonwoven fabric which is a fabric-like material made from long fibbers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment as backing, reflective aluminium foil as the outer surface laminated together by LDPE / acrylic adhesive, this foil insulation radiant barrier is light weight, environment friendly, soft and easy to fold; usually be installed in dry environment to prevent heat conduction and thermal radiant.

Insulation material

Theory and feature: 1. To the utmost extent to enhance inner vacuum, insulate the heat transference through air convection, then reduce the thermal coefficient. 2. To reduce the heat coming and lost heat by heat transference by core material. 3. The high barrier film is composited make of aluminum foil, which can reflect heat radiation. 4. Very low thermal coefficient: 0.0045W/m. K 5. Ultralight weight: Below 4kg as standard thickness per square meter. 6. Ultra-thin application: Thickness can be 7-35mm, used for comprehensive field and save much using space. The 10mm heat preservation effect is the same as 10cm ordinary insulation material.
Application field Construction heat preservation field: 1. Low thermal coefficient make excellent heat preservation function. 2. It is inorganic thermal insulating material, fire-protection rating is A. 3 Mass area ratio is very low, only 4kg persquare meter when on wall, means 1/4 of ceramic, and its very safe, not easy to drop off. Widely used in exterior wall, interior wall, rooting decoration etc. 4. Convenient construction, easily tilling, save project time and cost. 5. Innoxious, pollution-free, green and environmental protection, long lifetime. 6. Customized to different shape and size. 7. Customized to incorporate application exterior wall, interior wall, rooting decoration etc Refrigeration field: (Refrigerator, refrigerated lorry, Insulated transport boxes, refrigerated container, expedition moving house, Insulation equipment and fittings, waterheater, electric appliances etc. ) For example: Energy consumption is very important for 24 hours working refrigerator, its easy and efficient to reduce energy consumption by using insulation material. When we use composited material made of vacuum insulation material and urethanefoam on refrigerator, not only reduce energy but also reduce the thickness of thermal insulating layer which can enlarge the effective using space.

XPE Foam Foil with Woven Layer


1. Light weight, clean, thin, good flexibility and cushioning;

2. Invariable if it is attacked repeatedly;

3. It overcomes the shortcoming of general foam such as, rubber ordinary brittle, the distortion, resilient. And also having super waterproof, moisture-proof, quakeproof, sound-insulated, the heat preservation, good plasticity, strong toughness, the circulation restoration, the environmental protection, strong anti-hit strength. So is it one good substitute material for the general packing material.


It also using many flexibility for handbags luggage lining, industrial production of sound insulation, thermal insulation material of agricultural, aquaculture floating equipment, protective sports pad, water rescue operation equipment, home, hotel floor decoration, cushions and so on. The pipe is used extensively for air-conditioning, baby stroller, children’s toys, furniture and other industries. EPE laminated fabricit, as a good decoration material, generally use to various vehicles and living room. EPE alu film and alu foil or other composite products have excellent anti-ultraviolet infrared capabilities. It is also one good substitute material for a number of chemical and camping equipment, cold storage equipment, car shade.

Such as for industrial sheds, commercial buildings, home insulation, under wood or laminated flooring, roof insulation, carpet underlay and construction, packaging material to the sensitive products. To protect precise machine, elevator, slap up furniture, sun shade, sand beach mat, heat preservation, and terrestrial heat.

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Foil-Single Bubble-White Poly

The second style, known as “Foil-Single Bubble-White Poly,” consists of a single layer of polyethylene bubbles that are sandwiched between a layer of 99% pure aluminum radiant barrier foil and a smooth white polyethylene sheet. The white poly surface is water resistant and is very easy to keep clean. The smooth white side also provides a nice finished appearance to the interior of your building.