What is Thermal bag?

Thermal bag is the composition material of AL,PE,PET, PA,BOPP NY,including VIP bag,STP bag ,barrier bag ,widely used in fresh food ,cooked food,and other food packaging,such as snack,milk powder,beverage powder,nuts,dried food,dried fruit,seeds,coffee,sugar,spice,bread,tea, herbal,wheat,cereals,tobacco,washing powder,salt,flours,pet food,candy,rice, confectionaries etc.

Washable paper label

washable paper label

Good glue label
Water proof sticker label

Self-adhesive label Feature:
Sticker labels packing your bottles, will make your bottle more beautiful ,then will easy attracted by others , and it will can bring market for you

Sticker label Application:
Sticker label widely used for food and drink bottle printing label, mineral water bottle printing label, daily use products etc.