Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is a type of fiber reinforced plastic where the reinforcement fiber is specifically glass fiber.  Insulation is generally measured in R-value.  R meaning resistance to heat flow.  The higher the R- value the longer you retain your heat.  If you have an R-19 the heat will stay 19 times longer than without insulation… R-30 will be 30 times longer and so on.  There are a wide variety of brand names of insulation and all are the same for thickness and quality.  Most companies use a dye to make it identifiable.

Single Side Metalized Film with PE woven fabric

These products are used as insulation material,packaging material,used in buildings insulation,construction insulation ,mail bag


The product 1 consists of two layers of metalized pet with PE bubble laminated between metalized PET.

The product 2 consists of four layers:metalized PET+PE+PE woven fabric+PE

The material provides excellent insulation: reflects up to 97% of radiant energy in addition to resisting other types of heat transfer from conduction,convection,and radiation.The side of metalized PET forms an effective barrier against moisture,air currents and vapors.


1.clean,thin and light weight

2.outstanding safety and enviromental benefits

3.easy to install,high efficiency.

4.cost effective and versatile.

5.maintenance free.


It is economical solution for a wide range of industrial,manufacturing ,packaging and consumer application.Such as for industrial sheds,commercial buildings,home insulation ,under wood or laminated flooring,roof insulation, carpet underlay and construction,packaging material to the sensitive products.


1.metalized PET /PE bubble/Metalized PET

2.Metalized PET /PE bubble.

3.Metalized PET/PE/PE woven fabric/PE.

4.Metalized PET/PE/PE woven fabric.

Cold Chain – Regulation is on the rise

Globalization and an increase in the number of food safety and pharma counterfeit incidents are prompting governments to tighten regulations on production and supply chains. Establishing preventive measures and harmonizing regulations are major issues for the food and pharma industries.

For years, pharmaceutical mandates in most countries required products to be maintained within manufacturer-established guidelines only in storage. But in November 2013, the European Union (EU) guidelines on Good Distribution Practice for medicinal products for human use went into effect, extending temperature requirements to transportation, and expanding coverage to include over-the-counter drugs.

In the EU, about 80 percent of pharma products now require temperature-controlled transportation. Anticipating similar regulations in the United States—and considering the potential for exporting these drugs—many pharmaceutical manufacturers are adopting this approach in the United States, too.

The phasing-in of rules stemming from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s prevention-focused Food Safety Modernization Act, passed in 2011, is triggering investment in solutions to document every step in the food supply chain. Products such as produce must be traceable all the way back to the point of origin. Recall systems must be reliable and efficient, not only to rapidly comply with more stringent regulations, but to limit the scope by isolating specific batches of product.

Getting out ahead of such regulation is a common theme across cold chain logistics. Manufacturers are building more stringent practices into their requirements, and 3PLs and other providers are investing in additional credentials. Atlanta-based cold chain 3PL Americold, for example, plans to have 14 sites certified by the Safe Quality Food Initiative by the end of 2015, and Lineage Logistics is aiming for certification across all of its business units by 2020.

Temperature and Time Requirements for Foods

Temperature danger zone
Temperature danger zone is between 41°F and 140°F.
Keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Always use a thermometer to check food temperatures.
Potentially hazardous foods must pass through the temperature danger zone as quickly as possible.
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Cooking raw animal foods
Always use an accurate food thermometer to make sure foods are cooked to and held at these safe temperatures.

The table and figure below show minimum cooking requirements for
some common raw animal foods.

Internal Temperature and Time

Wild game
Stuffed fish, meat, pasta or poultry
Stuffing containing fish, meat or poultry

165°F for 15 seconds

Chopped or ground meat, fish, and commercially raised game
Injected or tenderized meats
Eggs for hot holding

155°F for 15 seconds
150°F for 1 minute
145°F for 3 minutes

Commercially raised game
Eggs for immediate service

145°F for 15 seconds

Insulating material

An electrical insulating material
Insulation for houses and tents, reflecting thermal radiation
Five layers of metallized boPET film in NASA’s spacesuits make them radiation resistant and help regulate temperature.
Metallized film emergency blankets conserve a shock victim’s body heat.
As a thin strip to form an airtight seal between the control surfaces and adjacent structure of aircraft, especially gliders.
Light insulation for indoor gardening.
Fire shelters, used by wildland firefighters.
Proximity (aluminized) suits used by AR-FF fire fighters for protection from the high amount of heat release from fuel fires.
Aluminized boPET films are no longer used as thermal and acoustic insulation in aircraft since they were found to have been a factor in the Swissair Flight 111 crash. The accident investigation showed that the aluminum layer prevents the film from self-extinguishing in a fire under the conditions in aircraft.
Used in sock and glove liners to lock in warmth

Pallet Covers

Plastic Pallet Covers are used to cover products and shipments housed in Gaylord and on pallets in warehouse and industrial environments as well as on construction sites. Flexible, moisture and crack-resistant, these covers will protect finished product that is stored or packaged in Gaylords or Tote Bins from outside elements that could cause product contamination. Another purpose for the covers is to prevent pallet loads from shifting and toppling over. This helps to reduce damaged shipments. These versatile covers are additionally used to reduce packaging and shipping costs due to their lighter weight.

Additionally black pallet covers provide excellent protection outdoors to protect stored items from sun fade and to conceal pallet contents thereby reducing theft. These covers also protect contents stored outdoors from the damaging effects of harsh weather as well as during transit. Pallet covers are designed to fit over a Gaylord or tote bin or around products and goods stored on pallets and similar containers. The covers can be placed over the container as well as used for shrink applications where the poly film is heat- shrunken over a container for a tight fit.

Aluminum foil laminate XPE/EPE

Structure: Aluminum Foil+PE+Woven fabric+PE+Aluminum Foil
Max Width per roll: 1.83 m, length can meet the customer’s demand
1. Light weight, clean, thin, good flexibility and cushioning;
2. Invariable if it is attacked repeatedly;
3. Low thermal conductivity and superior heat insulation;
4. Outstanding safety and enviromentally friendly;
5. Easy to install, high efficiency;
6. Cost effective and versatile.
It is economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing, packaging and consumer application. Such as for industrial sheds, commercial buildings, home insulation, under wood or laminated flooring, roof insulation, carpet underlay, for horticultural purposes, in greenhouses and construction, packaging material to the sensitive products. To protect precise machine, elevator, slap up furniture etc.
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Why PACKAGING that provides reliable insulation is necessary for products?

An increase in temperature would be detrimental to their quality or safety — and there is no guarantee of maintaining a stable temperature because the product is being transported. This applies to fresh meat and fish and ice cream.

A product must be protected from thermal shock (i.e. sudden changes in temperature) in transit or storage. This applies to some pharmaceutical products, fresh fruit and vegetables, some wines, some seafood and live crustaceans.

PET Manufacture and properties

The manufacturing process begins with a film of molten polyethylene terephthalate (PET) being extruded onto a chill roll, which quenches it into the amorphous state. It is then biaxially oriented by drawing. The most common way of doing this is the sequential process, in which the film is first drawn in the machine direction using heated rollers and subsequently drawn in the transverse direction, i.e. orthogonally to the direction of travel, in a heated oven. It is also possible to draw the film in both directions simultaneously, although the equipment required for this is somewhat more elaborate. Draw ratios are typically around 3 to 4 in each direction.

Once the drawing is completed, the film is “heat set” or crystallized under tension in the oven at temperatures typically above 200 °C (392 °F). The heat setting step prevents the film from shrinking back to its original unstretched shape and locks in the molecular orientation in the film plane. The orientation of the polymer chains is responsible for the high strength and stiffness of biaxially oriented PET film, which has a typical Young’s modulus of about 4 GPa. Another important consequence of the molecular orientation is that it induces the formation of many crystal nuclei. The crystallites that grow rapidly reach the boundary of the neighboring crystallite and remain smaller than the wavelength of visible light. As a result, biaxially oriented PET film has excellent clarity, despite its semicrystalline structure.

Outside Hopper Insulated Thermal Bottle Cooler Bag

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Cooler bag from picnic time is perfect for outdoor concerts, a day at the beach, car camping, or a trip to the park, etc with your family, happy family time. Unique design, 2 handle strap.

Customized top quality various cooler bag
•100% waterproof main compartment
•Water resistant zippered outer storage
•Two way valve for inflation of compression
•Padded shoulder straps
•Top hold handles
•Main compartment is perfect for holding laptops and other large electronics that are up to 12 inches wide

About the product:
1.Adjustable padded shoulder strap
2.Printing logos are available
3.Colour option and size available can customized according to your needs
4.Fit for all games, scuba diving, snorkeling skiing, climbing, fishing, sailing, mountain, hiking
5.Floating feature for capture easily in the sea