Aluminum composite vacuum bag

Aluminum foil bag packaging is usually refers to the aluminum-plastic composite vacuum bags, such products for large-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates moisture-proof, dark, vacuum packaging. Multi-use four-tier structure, with good water, oxygen function. Unrestricted, you can customize the volume of different specifications, styles of bags, can be made flat pocket, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Products subject to GB and ASTM standards for testing, the product meets environmental requirements (which provide third-party test report), the product complies with the EU and North America on packaging materials, the most stringent environmental standards.

Aluminum foil bags, also known as aluminum bags

Common material: PET / AL / PE PET / NY / AL / PE PET / NY / AL / CPP

Thickness: 70 ~ 180 microns Bag-shaped: three-side seal, self-standing zipper bags, yin and yang bags

Features: PET – Biaxially oriented polyester film, NY – Biaxially oriented polyamide film, AL – Aluminum foil, PE – Polyethylene (collectively, in 5 different categories), CPP –

Aluminum foil bag (anti-static aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil bag), Features Appearance: opaque, silvery white, reflective, with good barrier properties, heat sealing, shading light, high temperature, low temperature, Paul fragrance; non-toxic and tasteless; soft and so on.

Medical Devices Sterilization Packaging

1, sterilization discoloration chemical indicator, the product is similar to the printing ink, processing principle with the printing ink, usually printed in the bag or outside. The principle is that under certain sterilization conditions, the indicator ink changes from the initial color to a pre-set color. The function is to visually indicate whether the sterilized product passes and meets the specified sterilization conditions. Sterilization color indicator is divided into aqueous and oily, the difference is that water does not contain heavy metals.

2, Printing inks are usually divided into water-based and oil-based, medical products based on the quality requirements, the medical package usually use water-borne ink, the ink should pass the ISO10993 biocompatibility test, heavy metal content in line with IEC 62321: 2008, US EPA 3052 : 1996 requirements

Metallized PET film

Description of Products

Metallized PET film is a silver color reflective film that is plated by aluminium layer on the film surface in vacuum condition which makes it high barrier resistance of oxygen and water vapor. It has glossy metallic appearance of an aluminum foil at a reduced weight and cost.
1.Aluminum layer brightness and strong adhesion .
2.Strong water resistance;
3.high barrier of moisture and oxygen;
4.High temperature resistance;
5.Mechanical properties excellent.
Metalized PET film can be widely used for packaging, decoration, insulation and electronics.