Medical Devices Sterilization Packaging

1, sterilization discoloration chemical indicator, the product is similar to the printing ink, processing principle with the printing ink, usually printed in the bag or outside. The principle is that under certain sterilization conditions, the indicator ink changes from the initial color to a pre-set color. The function is to visually indicate whether the sterilized product passes and meets the specified sterilization conditions. Sterilization color indicator is divided into aqueous and oily, the difference is that water does not contain heavy metals.

2, Printing inks are usually divided into water-based and oil-based, medical products based on the quality requirements, the medical package usually use water-borne ink, the ink should pass the ISO10993 biocompatibility test, heavy metal content in line with IEC 62321: 2008, US EPA 3052 : 1996 requirements

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