Fire Barrier phenolic facade insulation board

1. Board category
Phenolic, polyurethane metal wallboard; phenolic, polyurethane fireproof and thermal insulation decorative hanging board; phenolic, polyurethane fireproof decorative soundproof interior wall board; phenolic, polyurethane fireproof decorative board; phenolic, polyurethane fireproof ceiling; phenolic fiber fireproof board; phenolic magnesium magnesium fireproof board; Phenolic fiber fire decorative board;
Widely used in commercial, office space, villas, industrial plants and interior buildings for soundproofing
2. Tiles
Phenolic foam, polyurethane foam metal roof tiles;
Widely used in the fields of building roofs, industrial plants and other fields
3. Ventilation pipelines
Aluminum foil or metal composite wind pipe with phenolic as core material;
Widely used in central air-conditioning ventilation ducts
4. Pipe and container cladding
The phenolic foam/polyurethane foam is used as the insulation layer, and it is wrapped outside the various pipes and containers;
Suitable for petrochemical, natural gas transmission pipelines, cold water in urban tap water, sewage and water supply and drainage outdoor pipes, cold insulation of frozen water pipes in tunnels, outdoor heat insulation of heating pipes and fire insulation of flue pipes
5. Core material
Single phenolic foam sheet or polyurethane foam sheet
Applicable to insulation materials for refrigerating and freezing; air-conditioning plate heat-insulating filling materials; composite board core materials; light compartment filling materials; fire-insulation metal sandwich panel filling materials; fire door filling materials
6. External wall insulation material
A layer of polyurethane/phenolic foam is added to the outside of the concrete as insulation. Divided into wiped cement mortar external wall insulation, exterior wall decoration composite insulation hanging board.
Suitable for exterior insulation of concrete walls; Lightweight fireproof and heat-insulating panels are widely used in transportation steel structures, theaters, concert halls, sports, such as bus passenger stations, port passenger stations, railway passenger stations, airport terminals, subway stations, transportation hub stations, etc. Stadiums, exhibition halls and other steel structures.

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