Antiglare Coated Aluminum Foil

Product name: Antiglare Coated Aluminum Foil    

1. The structure of two layers metalized PET laminated PE
2. Color: Red, silvery, blue, green, purple, gold, pink.
3. Width: 1000mm to 1500mm
4. Length: 2000m to 3000m per coil, also according to the clients’ request
5. ID: 3 inch OD: 20~23 inch
6. Thickness: 8micron, 10micron, 12micron.
7. The weight of PE is 12 to 25 GSM
8. Characteristic: Reflective that its reflectivity UPS to 97% radiant energy, sunshine, heat insulation, waterproof, good heat-sealing, super barrier-oxygen
9. Application:
This product is widely used in sun shade, sand beach mat, laminated with EPE foam, coated woven fabric.

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