Pengyuan Cold-chain Insulation

Our main products include:
◆ Holographic film
◆ EPE/XPE Foam Foil / MPET Insulation Material
◆ Bubble Foil / MPET Insulation Material
◆ Paper Foil /MPET & FSK
◆ MPET Film & Aluminum Foil
◆ Glass Cloth/Aluminum Foil
◆ Aluminum Foil /Woven Tape
◆ Fire-Retardant Thermal Insulation Material

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Types of radiant barriers-Building insulation materials

Foil or “reflective foil laminate”s (RFL).
Foil-faced polyurethane or foil-faced polyisocyanurate panels.
Foil-faced polystyrene. This laminated, high density EPS is more flexible than rigid panels, works as a vapor barrier, and works as a thermal break. Uses include the underside of roof sheathing, ceilings, and on walls. For best results, this should not be used as a cavity fill type insulation.
Foil-backed bubble pack. This is thin, more flexible than rigid panels, works as a vapor barrier, and resembles plastic bubble wrap with aluminum foil on both sides. Often used on cold pipes, cold ducts, and the underside of roof sheathing.
Light-colored roof shingles and reflective paint. Often called cool roofs, these help to keep attics cooler in the summer and in hot climates. To maximize radiative cooling at night, they are often chosen to have high thermal emissivity, whereas their low emissivity for the solar spectrum reflects heat during the day.
Metal roofs; e.g., aluminum or copper.
Radiant barriers can function as a vapor barriers and serve both purposes with one product.

Materials with one shiny side (such as foil-faced polystyrene) must be positioned with the shiny side facing an air space to be effective. An aluminum foil radiant barrier can be placed either way – the shiny side is created by the rolling mill during the manufacturing process and does not affect the reflective of the foil material. As radiant barriers work by reflecting infra-red energy, the aluminum foil would work just the same if both sides were dull.

China medical packaging status quo

China’s medical packaging industry already has more than 2,000 companies, capable of producing six categories of more than thirty varieties of pharmaceutical packaging materials, has basically been able to meet the needs of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, with annual sales of the entire pharmaceutical industry sales accounted for about 15% . Since 2000, China has implemented the registration system for pharmaceutical packaging materials. Over the past three years, more than 740 varieties have been registered and reviewed by the former State Drug Administration, among which more than 100 are in Guangdong Province. Ranked first in all provinces and cities.

Judging from the development of the past two years, the large-scale production of pharmaceutical enterprises is becoming more and more obvious and the grade is gradually increasing. One of the trends of modern pharmaceutical enterprises is that large pharmaceutical companies themselves are equipped with packaging enterprises. At present, the extensive growth with high speed, low efficiency and high consumption is a typical feature of the development of pharmaceutical packaging in China. The packaging quality of most pharmaceutical products in China is low, with a big gap from the developed countries. At present, 65% of China’s pharmaceutical packaging products are less than those of developed countries in the 1980s. The quality of packaging materials and the contribution of packaging to the pharmaceutical industry are low. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of medicines, while the proportion of our country is less than 10%. Currently for the larger pharmaceutical packaging companies in China, compared with foreign countries in the equipment, the gap is small, but the software environment is very unsatisfactory.

In addition, the current drug bidding system has seriously dampened the enthusiasm of pharmaceutical companies, enterprises can not make great efforts to reform the packaging, pharmaceutical packaging to maintain long-standing, in addition, pharmaceutical packaging machinery equipment and materials technology behind the level of practitioners Poor quality awareness is also a factor restricting the development of China’s pharmaceutical product packaging.

For a long time, packaging has plagued the improvement of the level of our preparations. During the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” period, the State Pharmaceutical Administration paid great attention to the packaging of medicines. Since 1992, we have introduced a licensing system for packaging materials and containers that come into direct contact with medicines. Eliminate the use of administrative means straight tube powder bottles, oral ampoules, non-flexible ampoules and some natural rubber stopper and pure aluminum non-open lid. System (revision) set a number of pharmaceutical packaging materials standards. These measures to improve the level of drug packaging has played a significant role in promoting. In the meantime, with the gradual improvement of the market economy system, the majority of pharmaceutical companies are paying more and more attention to drug packaging. However, compared with the developed countries, there is still a considerable gap between the pharmaceutical packaging in our country. Pharmaceutical packaging is a weak link in the pharmaceutical industry in China. Compared with the developed countries in the world, there is still a long way to go for the design of pharmaceutical packaging in our country. For example, the use of pharmaceutical names and lot numbers is not standardized, Terms of non-standard use, over-packaging of medicines, no instructions, etc., in the design does not reflect the national characteristics, and the national cultural and aesthetic needs of the public does not match.

Reflective insulation and radiant barriers

Reflective insulation and radiant barriers reduce the radiation of heat to or from the surface of a material. Radiant barriers will reflect radiant energy. A radiant barrier by itself will not affect heat conducted through the material by direct contact or heat transferred by moist air rising or convection. For this reason, trying to associate R-values with radiant barriers is difficult and inappropriate. The R-value test measures heat transfer through the material, not to or from its surface. There is no standard test designed to measure the reflection of radiated heat energy alone. Radiated heat is a significant means of heat transfer; the sun’s heat arrives by radiating through space and not by conduction or convection. At night the absence of heat (i.e. cold) is the exact same phenomenon, with the heat radiating described mathematically as the linear opposite. Radiant barriers prevent radiant heat transfer equally in both directions. However, heat flow to and from surfaces also occurs via convection, which in some geometries is different in different directions.

Reflective aluminum foil is the most common material used as a radiant barrier. It has no significant mass to absorb and retain heat. It also has very low emittance values “E-values” (typically 0.03 compared to 0.90 for most bulk insulation) which significantly reduces heat transfer by radiation.

Aluminum composite vacuum bag

Aluminum foil bag packaging is usually refers to the aluminum-plastic composite vacuum bags, such products for large-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates moisture-proof, dark, vacuum packaging. Multi-use four-tier structure, with good water, oxygen function. Unrestricted, you can customize the volume of different specifications, styles of bags, can be made flat pocket, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Products subject to GB and ASTM standards for testing, the product meets environmental requirements (which provide third-party test report), the product complies with the EU and North America on packaging materials, the most stringent environmental standards.

Aluminum foil bags, also known as aluminum bags

Common material: PET / AL / PE PET / NY / AL / PE PET / NY / AL / CPP

Thickness: 70 ~ 180 microns Bag-shaped: three-side seal, self-standing zipper bags, yin and yang bags

Features: PET – Biaxially oriented polyester film, NY – Biaxially oriented polyamide film, AL – Aluminum foil, PE – Polyethylene (collectively, in 5 different categories), CPP –

Aluminum foil bag (anti-static aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil bag), Features Appearance: opaque, silvery white, reflective, with good barrier properties, heat sealing, shading light, high temperature, low temperature, Paul fragrance; non-toxic and tasteless; soft and so on.

Medical Devices Sterilization Packaging

1, sterilization discoloration chemical indicator, the product is similar to the printing ink, processing principle with the printing ink, usually printed in the bag or outside. The principle is that under certain sterilization conditions, the indicator ink changes from the initial color to a pre-set color. The function is to visually indicate whether the sterilized product passes and meets the specified sterilization conditions. Sterilization color indicator is divided into aqueous and oily, the difference is that water does not contain heavy metals.

2, Printing inks are usually divided into water-based and oil-based, medical products based on the quality requirements, the medical package usually use water-borne ink, the ink should pass the ISO10993 biocompatibility test, heavy metal content in line with IEC 62321: 2008, US EPA 3052 : 1996 requirements

Metallized PET film

Description of Products

Metallized PET film is a silver color reflective film that is plated by aluminium layer on the film surface in vacuum condition which makes it high barrier resistance of oxygen and water vapor. It has glossy metallic appearance of an aluminum foil at a reduced weight and cost.
1.Aluminum layer brightness and strong adhesion .
2.Strong water resistance;
3.high barrier of moisture and oxygen;
4.High temperature resistance;
5.Mechanical properties excellent.
Metalized PET film can be widely used for packaging, decoration, insulation and electronics.

A radiant barrier reflects radiant heat energy instead of trying to absorb it

Conductive: Direct contact. If you touch a pot on the stove, this is conductive heat transfer.
convective Convective: Steam, moisture. If you put your hand above a boiling pot, you will feel heat in the form of steam. This is convective heat transfer.
Radiant: Electromagnetic. Step outside on a sunny day and feel the sun’s rays on your face. You are feeling radiant heat transfer. All objects above absolute zero (-459.7 degrees F.) emit infrared rays in a straight line in all directions.
A radiant barrier reflects radiant heat energy instead of trying to absorb it. What does this mean in your home or business? During the winter, 50-75% of heat loss through the ceiling/roofing system and 65-80% of heat loss through walls is radiant. In the summer, up to 93% of heat gain is radiant. If you are depending on R-value (resistance) alone to insulate against heat gain and loss, remember that thin layers of fiberglass are virtually transparent to radiant energy and are affected by changes in humidity (moisture levels). A 1-1/2% change in the moisture content of fiberglass insulation will result in a 36% decrease in performance (referenced from HVAC Manual 10.6; McGraw-Hill).
A pure aluminumized film radiant barrier is unaffected by humidity and will continue to perform at a consistent level no matter how humid it may be.

Cold Chain/Insulated Container

Definition of Cold Chain:
A cold chain is a temperature controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an un-interrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range. It is used to extend and to help ensure the shelf life of products such as chemicals, foods and drugs.

APEX Packaging is committed to supporting your global cold chain requirements through the custom design and manufacturing of high performance, cost effective thermal pack solutions.

Insulated Containers
Manufactured from high quality PUR polyurethane foam and high density PE polyethylene our insulated containers will offer:

  • Longer Shipping Cycle – reduced freight costs
  • Custom Sizes – with low minimum orders
  • Creative Design Configurations – reduced refrigerant consumption
  • Global Green Program
  • Ship on Fridays or during holidays

Building insulation materials

Building insulation materials are the building materials which form the thermal envelope of a building or otherwise reduce heat transfer.

Insulation may be categorized by its composition (natural or synthetic materials), form (batts, blankets, loose-fill, spray foam, and panels), structural contribution (insulating concrete forms, structured panels, and straw bales), functional mode (conductive, radiative, convective), resistance to heat transfer, environmental impacts, and more. Sometimes a thermally reflective surface called a radiant barrier is added to a material to reduce the transfer of heat through radiation as well as conduction. The choice of which material or combination of materials is used depends on a wide variety of factors. Some insulation materials have health risks, some so significant the materials are no longer allowed to be used but remain in use in some older buildings such as asbestos fibers and urea.


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