Chemical Indicators

Our range of chemical indicators comply with ISO and ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140:2005 and provide information on sterilization conditions. In industrial sterilization processing, these indicators are used in conjunction with parametric release processes and provide objective monitoring of sterilization conditions that are completely independent of the sterilizer controls.
Class 1 Process Indicators : They provide immediate identification of processed goods. They are used for ethylene oxide, moist heat, dry heat and vapor phase hydrogen peroxide
Class 2 Chemical Indicators : They are for special tests
Class 4 Multi- variable Indicators : These indicators find application in dry heat sterilization change from tan to black within 5 minutes at 170° C (340° F) during exposure to dry heat
Class 5 Chemical Integrating Indicators : These chemicals indicators react to all critical variable of the sterilization process.

Biological Indicators

These indicator tapes are reliable and convenient sterilization monitors that are self-contained and have spore strip designs. They provide the fastest biological indication, such that the results can be availed in in just four hours post processing for ethylene oxide and in three hours for moist heat processes.
Auto-readers provide automatic readout with visual display of indicator result

Plasma Indicator Tape

Plasma Indicator Tape consists of a non-cellulosic plastic backing material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side and green indicator stripes on the other side. The chemical indicator stripes turn from green to yellow after exposure to vapor hydrogen peroxide in sterilization processes which is a combination of vapor hydrogen peroxide and plasma commonly referred to as gas plasma. This sterilization indicator tape is used to secure wrapped packs that go into sterilizer and verify the packs that have been exposed to Hydrogen Peroxide. Indicator color does not fade when exposed to light.


Steam and EO Integrator tape is used to monitor exposure to steam or EO conditions. The Integrators consists of yellow indicator stripes and pressure-sensitive adhesive. When the steam sterilization is complete, the color of the indicator stripes will change from yellow to dark brown or black. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes and a temperature of 121° C/250° F in a gravity cycle. In 6 minutes and at 132° C/270° F gravity and vacuum-assisted cycle is complete. The chemical strips turn from pink to green after they have been exposed to the EO sterilization process.

Indicator Tape

The complete color change is a process of 15 to 20 minutes at 121/250 H in a gravity cycle and 6 minutes in both a 132/270H gravity and vacuum-assisted cycle. When completely processed the colour changes from white to dark black.

This steam indicator tape is used to secure the packs that have been wrapped with woven, non-woven, treated woven, paper and paper/plastic wraps. After the sterilization process is complete, the tape can easily be removed and cleaned, with no adhesive residue.

Steam indicator tapes generally find application for immediate identification of the processed items while they also secure sterilization packs. Color change indicators are used to verify the exposure to the sterilization process. These steam indicator tape, sterilization indicator tape are individually packaged in 55 meters length roll and can also be availed in 25mm and 19 mm width. Mostly used in CSSD departments, these sterilization indicator tape are cut 1 inch in length and stick on the packs to be sterilized.

EO Gas Indicator Tape (Ethylene Oxide Indicator Tapes) are used for sterilization and consists of pink stripes and pressure-sensitive adhesive. The chemical strips convert from pink to green after they are exposed to the EO sterilization process. This indicator tape secures the packs wrapped with paper, paper/plastic and tyvek/plastic, non-woven, woven, treated woven, wraps and are used to distinguish processed and unprocessed packs. Indicator tapes find application for exposure control monitoring and assures that operator handling of the processed items that have been exposed to the sterilization process without the requirement of opening the pack or check load control records.

What is Insulation liner?

Insulation liner usual include VIP liner,container liner ,carton liner and so on,as a sound insulation,thermal insulation used in reefer shipping containers, refrigerated trucks, low-temperature clod storage,handbags luggage lining, industrial production of sound insulation,thermal insulation material of buildings,home insulation,under wood or laminated flooring,roof insulation,in antistatic bag,mailing,packaging,envelope bag and so on.

Flexible Foam Rubber Insulation Pipe With Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil With Rubber Insulation Pipe:
It has the following special advantages :
1. As a specified aluminum layer was added to the appearance of this rubber plastic veneering
product.So the fire proof performance can be enhanced in a larger degree.
2. Its inner structure adds high molecule materials that was made by special techniques.The
crack resistance,shock resistance,anti corrosion performance will be enhanced greatly.

12g Pasting Paper for Lead Acid Battery Production

12g Pasting Paper for Lead Acid Battery Production


This pasting tissue paper suitable for requirements of continuous grid pasting technology used in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries.

Main characteristics

SUBSTANCE: 12 g/m²(+/-0.5g)
Thickness: 30um
COMPOSITION: 100% pure wood pulp
Chloride content < 100ppm
Iron content < 50ppm

Key Properties:

Low basis weight
Low cost
High porosity and water capillary rise
Better adhesion to the plate
High wet strength
Efficiency and runnability
Pure paper
Extended battery life


ESD Moisture Barrier Film

ESD Moisture Barrier Film is laminated with four single layers, PET/AL/NY/PE.  Film is used to make ESD moisture barrier bag to widely pack static sensitive electronic components such as PCB, WAFER, CHIPS, REELs in SMT industry etc. For chemical raw material and medical intermediate packing, it is undoubtedly a very good choice. The third-party testing reports such as ROHS, Halogen, PFOA/PFOS, MVTR&OTR reports etc. are available. Different width of film is available.