What is OPP film

OPP is a biaxially oriented polypropylene film, which is a film made of polypropylene as a main raw material and biaxially stretched by a flat film method. It has high tensile strength, high rigidity, good transparency, and good glossiness. , Low electrostatic performance, excellent printing performance and coating adhesion, excellent water vapor and barrier properties, so it is widely used in various packaging industries.
Second, OPP varieties
OPP film can be divided into many types depending on the application, such as OPP ordinary optical film, OPP heat sealing film, OPP cigarette packaging film, OPP pearlescent film, OPP porcelain white film, OPP metallized film and OPP matting film.
Third, OPP use
If further subdivision, ordinary optical film can be divided into color printing film, bag-making film, tape film, paper-plastic composite film and plastic braided composite film and coating film. Heat-sealing film can be divided into ordinary heat sealing and low-temperature heat sealing two kinds. Cigarette packaging films can also be divided into high-rigidity, high-shrinkage, ultra-low-temperature cigarette packaging films.
In short, according to market demand, through the adjustment of raw materials and formulas, to meet the needs of users as much as possible.
OPP has an annual production capacity of 5.55 million tons, which is an important category in the plastics industry. Each woven bag factory needs to understand the performance of OPP and master all kinds of production technologies in order to exert the tremendous power of polypropylene raw materials.

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