Double Bubble Insulation

Double the bubbles for double the airspace. The more airspace in the product, the better it is at slowing heat transfer.

Double bubble insulation provides the maximum efficiency and highest R-value for bubble insulation. Key benefits of this foil-faced double bubble include:

  • 1/4″ – 5/16″ nominal thickness of foil bubble insulation
  • 99.9% Pure Aluminum bonded to tear-resistant polyethylene core and bubblewrap insulation
  • Highly reflective foil facing
  • Optional UV resistant polyethylene facing on one side, foil on opposite side (foil double bubble white poly option)
  • Reflective bubble insulation has a very low rate of emissivity
  • Durable polyethylene bubbles make up the center bubblewrap insulation
  • Acts as 100% vapor barrier
  • Class A/Class 1 fire rating
  • Foil faced bubble wrap insulation makes an excellent thermal barrier
  • Barrier for methane, radon, moisture, termites and other pests
  • Thermal resistance in a 3.5″ cavity: R-15.2 (Heat Flow Down), R-8.5 (Horizontal Heat Flow)

Aluminum foil backed fiberglass cloth 

Aluminum foil cloth is made of aluminum foil conductive cloth and hot sol. The composite film is made of special flame retardant adhesive, and has the characteristics of smooth surface, high light reflectivity, high tensile strength in longitudinal and transverse direction, impermeable to gas, impermeable, and good sealing performance. With a high shielding rate, toughness of materials, low prices and other characteristics. Can effectively obscure any electronic equipment produced by electronic interference, but also a substitute for the most suitable conductive fabric material.
Indoor: mainly used for heating and cooling pipe insulation materials and construction muffler noise insulation materials, rock wool, ultra-fine glass wool jacket, play a fire-retardant, anti-corrosion, insulation, sound absorption effect. Aluminum foil cloth at the same time can be applied to export equipment, moisture, fog, anti-corrosion packaging materials.
Outdoor: mainly used for oil pipelines, steam pipes and other chemical equipment, protective bandage, play a fire-retardant, anti-corrosion, the role of insulation.
Usually aluminum foil cloth can be divided into: plain weave aluminum foil cloth, twill aluminum foil cloth and satin aluminum foil cloth. The material can be divided into: aluminum foil film + PVC + polyester film; aluminum foil film + polyester film; aluminum foil film + glass fiber (glass fiber aluminum foil hot-melt cloth).

High barrier packaging

High barrier packaging, that is, high barrier properties of packaging materials, application and progress of the current industrialization or industrial production prospects of the barrier material are pvdc, evoh, pen, nitrile resin, polyamide. Pvdcpvdc (polyvinylidene chloride) is characterized by low permeability, barrier properties and chemical resistance.


As early as 40 years ago, high barrier technology has begun to produce. The United States in the nineteen fifties has been used in the extrusion of polyethylene film composite metal foil as a barrier packaging material. Also included in the metal foil substrate processing technology, because the foil material is very thin, and the barrier is very good, so at that time that the high barrier industry has been formed.

Al Foil Bags, Made of PET, AL and PE

Aluminum Foil Bags, Made of PET, AL and PE,Used for various product and vacuum packing.

Materials: PET, AL and PE

Excellent moisture barrier, high oxygen and light barrier, good low temperature resistance

Up to 10-color rotogravure printing

Shelf presentation

Used for various product and vacuum packing

Aluminum Foil Bags, Made of PET, AL and PE

Heavy-duty Foil woven roof heat insulation materials

Heavy-duty Foil woven roof heat insulation materials is specifically designed for use as a tear resistant, radiant barrier and weather protection in wall cavities.

Thermal foil roof sarking insulation is a light duty radiant barrier manufactured from reinforced, aluminium foil laminated with fire retardant adhesive to a woven polymeric fabric. To eliminate glare during installation, Thermal foil wall wrap has a green backing with customizing your company logo on one surface.

Thermal foil roof sarking insulation is a tough wall wrap for use in brick veneer exterior walls. It is exceptionally tear resistant making it easy to handle during installation, whilst still maintaining its strength and exposure to resistance. The primary purpose of thermal foil wall wrap insulation is to protect against dirt, dust, draughts and condensation.